Monday, 2 May 2011

End of a memorable big smiles all round week

Teacher made to jump through hoops

Oh no, look what they did to aunty's carpet !

Yes, it all got a bit messy. Painting with floor mop brushes.

The serpent takes shape - obscure link to heathland management !!

Final flicker of the Molinia grass fire serpent

Working with disabled students

Last tree pic

Just a bit of feedback

'Once again thank you all for a brilliant week. We have tried to cotinue many of the elements we learnt and experienced on our visit and incorporate these into our lessons.'

School for severely disabled young people

Timepiece - old slates engraved with bronze age flints and iron nails

We thought as Scot's pine have red tops that beech should have red bottoms

New logo for the Royal Antidiluvian Order of Buffalos

Tatooing got a bit out of hand

This oak tree is the equivalent age of all these people

Even the wood ants approved

Not quite painting roses red but it works on pine trees too

Wessex Contemporary Artists coloring in a plantation