Monday, 29 August 2011

First mobilty 'safari' with the green island trust.

Sometimes called the ringed snake - now you can see why!

Who doesn't love grass snakes - especially little babies?

If there's one thing I've done in my life which I can claim to be truly original it has to be wood ant art.

And here he is in all his glory

Agnes's husband caused a bit of a stir

Quiet nicely meditative walk around labyrinth - we stop, close our eyes and just listen.

Out There project first microscope workshop

Big, big caterpillar painting begins

And later Frank's somewhat livelier cousin, Agnes, the sand lizard

On that day a common lizard called Frank called by.

The great insect hunt.... on a day the sun shone

Speculative archaeology - willow twigs stripped with flint tools and clay heads to keep evil spirits at bay

The first bricks to be made in Sandford for gawd knows how many years, in this case, by a visiting German family

Tropical snake winds slowly across the forest floor

Group murally on the theme of snakes

Just stripping willow with bronze age flints - like they used to

Its all about the colour - more mop painting

Ms Hopkins performs the now legendary wood ant red cabbage experiment

It was that sort of day.

Belarussian arts workshop

Splatting a giant prayer flag type thingy

One of the best days - kids from Belarus still suffering the impact of Chernobyl but still having a good time

Social workers decorate a tree

The race is on - boy racers tearing up Holton Lee labyrinth.

Could this be new invasive harlequin ladybird?

Inspired by insects