Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tribal boundary marker

Bill and the parasol mushroom

Tree mugging

Creative writing on leaves next to Hardy's Rushy Pond

March of the latter day Romans following a Roman road

Bronze age voodoo poppet .. helps keep the neighbours at bay!

conkers bonkers

Inside the walking back to happiness tent

Its got to be done mud colours wheels big paper.

Your money back if you don't have a lovely time.

The scouts thought It was an excellent afternoon of activities with some thought provoking ideas especially the tribal markings and making of idols! The use of bronze age tools was very well received and if this is indicative of activities that might be planned then young people should be well catered for. 
Thank you so much on behalf the children, myself and the .......... Project UK. The day was a great success educationally, inspirational and physical. Everyone had a wonderful day with you.
 Feedback from the group was very positive, they all enjoyed the walks,
especially the MD, they found you very "informative and interesting"
were their words, you certainly knew your stuff I was told.
One of the girls said it had been the best week of her year.
The other two groups loved it and we would like the third group
to have the same experience. 
The students and staff found it very informative and enjoyed 
the varied and meaningful activities.”